Are you ready to meet new Customers whose tenders are instantly delivered to your smart device? Melon Pro Center is your boot camp and home base rolled into one. Read on to discover the best opportunities and the right jobs for your craft and experience.

Melon Helps You Get Hired

The clearer you are about your expertise, the more you will get hired. For example: instead of just saying you can paint, be clear that your specialty is ‘painting’, ‘residential’, ‘indoor.’ Being specific assures the Customer that your skill set matches their needs.

Be Professional In Every Way

  • First impressions are everything—so make it a good one.
  • Set a competitive price and offer complete transparency as to what your price includes and what it doesn’t.
  • Ensure you understand the Customer’s expectations because not all Customers can clearly communicate their expectations.
  • Problems arise when there is a discrepancy between expectations and deliverables. If you are unsure or feel there is any misunderstanding, simply ask.

Submit An Estimate: You Can’t Win If You’re Not In The Game

Customers are more likely to hire a Professional who provides a basic idea of price. Your estimate doesn’t have to be a final number; it can change as you learn more about the project/job. Melon’s referral is designed for both you and the Customer to review each other. It is important that your Customers review you—the more reviews you have, the most comfortable future Customers will be submitting their tenders.

No One Likes Surprises Unless It’s Their Birthday

You dislike non-paying Customers as much as Customers dislike higher than expected invoices. If a project changes, make sure you update your estimate and communicate those changes to the Customer. At the end of the day, there should be no surprises for anyone. Unless it’s cake for a job well done.

Treat The Customer Better Than How You’d Like To Be Treated

Great Customer service in today’s world will separate you from everyone else. Here are some simple steps to gaining the best Customer Reviews:

  • Everyone’s time is valuable, and no one likes theirs to be wasted, especially you—so be on time.
  • Wear clean clothes and drive a clean vehicle as often as you are able. We understand this is a messy industry, but your cleanliness of operation will go a long way toward creating a lasting positive impression.
  • Put wraps on your shoes when entering a Customer’s home or business. If you’re out of wraps, simply take your shoes off.
  • Clean up any mess you make before you leave. A mess left at a Customer’s premises can make the experience of your great work go bad very quickly.

Build A Winning Profile

Customers are looking for experienced Professionals they can trust at a reasonable price. Your profile is your moment to shine in demonstrating your candidacy for their project.

  • Take lots of pictures. If possible, get professional pictures done or simply invest in a better camera than the one on your phone – it will make the world of difference.
  • Demonstrate your expertise, credentials, experience, and skills. If you have a Professional license, upload a scanned image within your profile.
  • If necessary, have a background check ready to go. Anything you can do to preempt a Customer’s concerns will see you towering head and shoulders above the rest.
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