How It Works

Melon helps you find great Customers for free. No more YP ads or wasted time and frustration managing social media or deciphering search engines. Just more smart time getting paid for what you’re best at and maybe even some free time for doing what you love.

Melon delivers tenders from potential Customers looking for your specialty—you simply choose if you’d like to submit an estimate or not. But that’s not all: our application will help you transparently manage the project’s time and materials through completion.

Melon Delivers Customer Tenders To You
Customers rely on Melon to source Professionals for their project. If your skills and rates fit their needs and budget, we’ll notify you and deliver a tender detailing their project’s specifics.

You Choose: Provide An Estimate Or Decline
You can decide to accept the tender and submit an estimate or let the Customer know you’re unable to fulfill their needs at this time.

If The Customer Chooses Your Estimate, You’re Hired
You are notified of the pending job where you can once more choose to accept or decline. Once you accept the job, you are responsible to deliver services at the agreed-upon rate and schedule, as outlined in your estimate.

You Provide Materials & Services For The Project
We encourage you to take pictures at the beginning, during, and end of the project. These pictures show that you have completed the work, and will be great material to show future potential Customers

Auto-Generated Invoice Upon Project Completion
Once completed, you will have the opportunity to add materials and any unforeseen expenses to the job cost. An invoice is then generated and sent to the Customer for approval

You Will Be Paid Before You Leave The Job Site
Once the Customer approves your invoice, they are automatically debited, and you are instantly paid. If there were any agreed upon hold back, such monies would be paid at the agreed upon schedule.

We have learned there are key items that have a direct impact on the approval of your estimate. Visit the Melon Pro Center and begin generating more business from qualified Customers.

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